Our Partners

Alaska Regional Hospital Emergency Department

Alaska Regional Hospital Emergency Department is located roughly one mile south of Mountain View. MVHS is strategically located in Mountain View neighborhood on the most direct route to Alaska Regional Hospital from the neighborhood’s housing tracts located in the northeast quadrant. As such we refer many patients to this excellent emergency department who come to the center needing a higher level of care. We also provide follow up care for those without health insurance who are discharged from the emergency department and the ED coordinates care for our primary care patients who are needing immediate post-discharge care. MVHS will continue our collaborative relationship with Alaska Regional to promote the expeditious care of those with serious health problems.

Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center (ANHC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center that once served the community at the current site of MVHS. In the early 2000’s ANHC moved to their new building. In the past we have referred patient to ANHC for primary care and other health needs that we were not able to meet. We will continue to strengthen our partnership with ANHC as we increase the services that we provide in order to collaborate with the federal health center in meeting the needs of our community.

Alaska Workers Association

Alaska Workers Association is located a block away from MVHS. Once a month Alaska Workers Association provides a free physician consultation clinic for their members at our facility with Dr. Higgins.

Other Partners:

Other collaborators include: South Central Foundation Detox, Salvation Army Clithroe Center, Anchorage Wellness Court, YWCA Breast & Cervical Program, Mountain View Community Mental Health and Recovery Center, and others.